Purchase Procedure

Buy Gold Bars Online

We are open to two types of procedures very much  Simple and Easy  . You can buy directly from our website and as well as you can visit our offices to close the deal.


 By Placing your Order On our Website.

With this procedure, you can visit our Shop page on the website, Select the particular type of gold you want to buy. Add to Cart and proceed to checkout and register the exact delivery address. After this is done, you can then confirm your order. As soon as you confirm your order, you will receive an email with order details as well as payment details. At this stage, buyer can proceed to make payment and send to us a confirmation receipt in order for us to register ther purchase and proceed with shipment. Note for this payment is 100% before the order can be registered for shipment. Also important to note that, on the email, buyer will have a series of payment options to choose that which best suits their Business. We are offering the best of services and procedure to Buy Gold Bars Online with 100% Guarantee and safe deliveries.


Buy Gold Bars Online By visiting our office.

1.Seller sign and sends FCO to the Buyer with specification of the gold,

2.Buyer sign the FCO and send it back to the Seller,

3. The Buyer or Buyer’s Representative will make arrangement to travel to Cameroon/Ghana/Turkey to meet the Seller’s representative and view the goods physically as well as proceed to make preliminary test,

4. More so, The Buyer can obtain samples from the total consignment for testing purposes only at any local testing laboratory, e.g. Cameroon government laboratory testing,

5. If required by the buyer, the consignment can be smelted in the presence of the buyer and further inspection and testing is allowed at this stage,

6. After satisfactory inspection, Buyer will pay a percentage of the total price of the good (according to agreed price at the moment of purchase ) this is to enable the seller to pay for government taxes. As well as other certificates for shipment such as; certificate of origin fees, insurance and also customs clearance and freight costs through Seller’s Clearing Agent Account.


7. The Seller or the Seller’s representative will accompany the Buyer with the consignment to the Buyer’s final destination.

8. In the destination the Buyer is responsible for all import taxes from the international airport to the refinery

9.After getting the final assay report from the refinery. The buyer will deduct all cost incurred for the export of the said consignment from seller’s location to buyer’s destination. And will transfer the full amount of the total value to seller’s designated bank account within 3 working days,

10.Upon the confirmation of bank telegraphic transfer (TT) receipt from the seller’s bank immediately the ownership pass from the seller to the Buyer,


TT wire transfer (TWT) from buyer contracted authorized authority account as per instructions from the Seller defined in the FCO.  After buyer pays the full payment of goods to the seller, minus incurred costs, the product will then be released to buyer.


By airfreight – Port of Loading: Instanbul/Douala/Accra International Airports, In addition, Minimum shipment allowed to be negotiated between both parties.


– The Gold will during the delivery process remain in the Seller’s care, as well as custody and finally control of the Seller.

– Buyer will be responsible for all cost at their refinery including but not limited to refining and finally storage.


The Seller will ship the product to the designated buyer refineries via airfreight. To the attention of buyer as per the instructions defined in the FCO to be listed on the documents as well as the packaging of the product.


– Certificate of Origin – Ownership document – Export Permit – Insurance – Commercial Invoice – Customs Declaration & Release Order – Airway Bill – Initial Assay report