Tali Wood Logs Timber

Wood Type: Hard Wood

Diameter: 80cm to 150cm +

Length: 5m +


Tali Wood Round Logs Timber

Tali Wood Round Logs Timber usually up to 30 to 45 in height. More so with a bole length of 10 to 16 m as a mature tree. The tree species is usually irregular as well as often buttressed. The trunk diameter attains 150 cm and more.

Regarding the Color of tali wood logs, The sapwood is yellowish white to pinkish white; it has a thickness of 3 to 6 cm. The heartwood is yellow-brown to red brown, darkening on exposure, it is clearly

Durability of Tali wood.

Very much durable to decay without preservative treatment, this species is especially suited for all the uses with risks of permanent or long-lasting humidification. Resistant to termites attack & Heartwood is resistant to Lyctus attacks.

Uses: joinery, flooring, railway sleepers, harbor and dock work as well as turnings, construction and bridges. Additionally, It is also used in boat building and marine construction.

Exterior General, bridges, poles, paling, stakes posts, cross arms, crossties, piers, Housing General, beams, joists, boards, flooring, parquet, frames, Containers, truck bodies, truck flooring


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