High Rated Aluminium Scrap


High Rated Aluminium Scrap

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Density: 2.702g/cm³
Melting point: 660.37℃
Boiling point: 2467.0℃
Color: silver white

Packaging Detail:
1.Compressed into rectangular block
2. 50kgs/bag, 1000kgs/bag
3. 50kgs/bale, 50kgs/bundle
4. 20mt/20’fcl, 25mt/40’fcl

1. Mainly used for melting ingot.
2. Used for industry such as automobile, pinning and weaving, electron broadly and so on.
3. Used to make cars, trains, subways, ships, airplanes, rockets, spaceships and other land and air vehicles to reduce the weight of the load.

√  Fast melting
√  Energy saving
√  Easy control and operation
√  Corrosion resistant
√  Conductive conduction
√  Can be stretched
√  Green and environmentally friendly metal materials that can be recycled


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