Doussie Wood Logs Timber

Origin: Cameroon and Congo
Common Name(s): Afzelia, Doussie
Scientific Name: Afzelia spp
Length:80-120 ft (25-37 m)
Diameter: 3-5 ft (1-1.5 m)


Doussie Wood Logs Timber

Doussie Round Logs Timber Also known as Afzelia, Doussie wood is one of the most beautifully colored wood right from to heart of the wood. More so, its scientific name ; Afzelia spp. Also this tree specie originates from Africa and Southeast Asia with larger trunk species in Cameroon, Congo and part of Gabon.
More to that, most forniture manufacturers around the world prefer Afzelia Round Logs Timber for its hardness as well as its specific gravity.

Regarding texture, Afzelia grain is interlocked with a uniform medium to coarse texture; naturally lustrous.

Most common uses include the following;Furniture, cabinetry, veneer, flooring, docks, boatbuilding. Also use for exterior millwork and construction, turned objects. As well as for inlays, and other small specialty wood items


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