Camelthorn African wood Logs

Origin: South Africa,Cameroon, Congo, Gabon etc
Common Names: Camelthorn, Giraffe Thorn
Height: 9-15 m
Diameter: 0.3-0.6 m


Camelthorn African Round Logs

Camelthorn African wood Logs, Camelthorn African Round Logs also know with its common name as Camelthorn, Giraffe Thorn; one of the best African hard wood species with scarcity as well as limited growth in few regions. More so, the Camelthorn hard wood goes with the scientific name; Vachellia erioloba (syn. Acacia erioloba)
Regarding the color and texture of the Camelthorn hard wood; Heartwood is dark reddish brown. Sapwood is yellow

Camelthorn hard wood has a great number of uses. Some of which include; Fence posts, firewood, turned objects, and other small specialty wood objects.


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