Buying African Gold

Buying gold from African

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Buying gold from African in the Middle Ages.

Looking at the history of African, We will understand that, Central and West African countries were the top. And most producers of the precious gold in the Accident days as history names it the Middle Ages. After the era of trade in commodities, best know as trade by barter. There comes the trade in precious metals as well as dating back to the antiquities. More so this trade escalated when the Camel caravans of the Sahara transited the North of interlards of the Savannah. This let to through succession of a series of African empire whose trade was basically through ivory, salt and more so, slave were more of some sort of goods as well. Who were in turn offered to gain the precious materials. The end point of this trade was the southern Europe’s gold point.

Exploiting African Gold to Europe

Exploiting African Gold to Europe

The Gold and Slaves
These African precious metals especially Gold attracted unwanted attention and competition, too, with the Portuguese the first to exploit West Africa’s coastal resources from the 15th century CE. And in their wake followed others. Also the discovery of the Americas and the gold of the Aztecs and Incas only gave West Africa a temporary respite as European colonial powers then returned to the continent as their lucrative as well as main source to get slave who take control of the heavily work force need in the plantains in the New World.

Gold of African/cultural valuables.

The early ages businesses in gold dates right to the cultural valuables such as the antiquities. Given a famous example to the Journey of the Carthaginian explorer Hanno in the 5th Century. This highly chanted as well as celebrated water sail traveled out from the Mediterranean and, turning south. Stopped off at the mouth of the Senegal River before sailing on and perhaps even reaching as far the Bay of Guinea. Hanno was followed by other countrymen, and commercial relations were established with the locals. Thus, West African gold found its way from the trading post

African Gold to the Romans

More so, the Italians also had concerns in what the interlards of the great continent had to offer. They employed cross-Saharan traders. So as to exchange olive oil, fine pottery and luxury goods for commodities such as gold, ivory, ebony and exotic animals for shows in the amphitheaters and circuses.

gold from Africa

gold from Africa

Roman Tripolitania in modern-day Libya, became a particularly successful trading city on this basis. However, it would not be until the 8th century CE and the twin arrival of the North African Islam caliphates. And the hardy camel that trans-Saharan trade really took off and with it the boom in the gold trade. These gives great light to the origin of trade in African gold and why it maintains till modern day.